Friendster is Alive!!!!

Friendster isn’t dead yet. As a matter of fact, it changes look and promises a faster loading of its cleaner and simpler pages. Friendster has been overtaken nowadays in the Philippines by its rival Facebook in terms of growth.

Facebook is now the number one most visited website in the Philippines according to while the country gained the number three spot as the highest number of new Facebook accounts (about 1.3million) during the September 1-October 1, 2009 period. Overall, the Philippines is at #13 of the highest number of Facebook accounts in the world.

However, it has a long way to go to catch up the more than 40 million Friendster accounts in the country. But of the figure about less than half of the Friendster users are active. Friendster has to reinvent itself to go with the pace of Facebook and micro-blogging site–Twitter.

If you open your FS account, you’ll be welcomed by a new homepage that looks like Facebook and Twitter with a status message box asking “Tell Your Friends What You’re Doing Right Now“.

This is how my profile page looks like…

I created a wallet and i was credited with 1,500 free coins to buy gifts for my friends. Below is the gifts pages where you can choose a gift this season.

Mabuhay mga Ka-Friendsters!!!!


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