Killing Almanahe, et al!!!!

Viruses are killers of our PCs and laptops! Last week my laptop was infected with an annoying virus called “almanahe” worm.

Almanahe attacks all windows write executable files.

McAfee described almanahe worm as a parasitic worm that resides under a rootkit protection in our computers. It does not only reside under stealth it also self-replicates and propagating itself within a network or to other systems through removable disk, rewritable CDs and USB sticks. It will connect to the net and download more malwares from a number of sites.

McAfee detects the worm as W32/Almanahe.c while other security firms listed it as W32.Alman

Only McAfee Anti-Virus Enterprise 8.5 or later and… can remove almanahe directly. Though others can also detect, block and remove the worm but not completely. Others won’t do any repair of the damage it has done to the file.

I’d tried my McAfee Virus Enterprise 8.5 but it can only block and delete copies of the worm but can not completely delete it from my drives.

I’ve also tried AVG Win32/Alman but it can not repair the damage after deleting the worm.

I searched for a more efficient tool until i’d came across with “Combo Fix” and “SDFix” virus removal tools.  You can follow the link to download the tools. Both require advanced computer skills since you’re going to do line scanning and run the softwares from the C: drive.

It was successful in removing almanahe. You have to run first the Combo Fix then SDFix under safe mode.

A manual removal of the worm is also possible but requires more computer skills.

Remember, even a secured system like mine can be infected anytime by viruses and malwares. So, watch out!


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