My Globe Visibility (Tattoo) Now Connects

I’ve been saying most of the time in the past that 3G modem for internet connectivity sinks.

In my reviews on the performance of Globe Visibility (Tattoo) and Smart PlugIt, internet connection is usually unstable. Though it can reach the more than 1Mbps strength, as the telcos have promised, but it only stays there for a while. I said “for a while“– about 2-5 seconds. 🙂

But lately my 3G connection, using Globe Visibility (Tattoo), is improving. I have noticed this when i’ve started seeing the beacon light of the nearby Globe cell site blinks at night. I presumed the cell site is now activated.

The telcos have made it clear that 3G modem internet connection can be variably changing due to its cell site load from 3G connection of the mobile phones.

My connection is now at a conservative 100kbps+ both download and upload while the transport rate and receive rates are going up and down from 100kbps to more than 1Mbps speed.

globe speed

The Receive Rate (lower right of the Globe Visibility app manager) reflects a 1.2Mbps speed while the Transport Rate is only at more than 20kbps. However, the internet speed as measured by is at 270kbps download and 100kbps upload. Also, in the screen shot, the signal strength as received by my 3G modem is at 4 bars (it used to be at 3 bars only).


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