Gloo– to glow?

Globe opens today a new social networking site from a developer who won in the Globe Labs Challenge in August 2008 providing an alternative to Facebook, Friendster, and others.

It’s the Gloo. A place where you and your friends can share video from YouTube, Facebook pictures, and web images in real time. See the screen shot of the homepage below:


Originally named Berkspace, Gloo also has a chat feature and let people do free form text and post-it. It can even send SMS and MMS to mobile phones. Berkspace’s radical and unique idea won the Best Social Networking Application in the GlobeLabs competition.

Anything you post in the spaces in Gloo can be moved and resized by you or by your friend in real time.

With the rising popularity of Facebook in the Philippines and the millions of fanatics of Friendster, Gloo will surely have a hard time glowing in the net space.

I just created my account in Gloo and i’ve done creating a space named– juntariman. I have yet to send invites to my contacts to visit Gloo. Though, i have yet to do something in my space. See you there!!!!


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