Twitter: What are you using?

There are many twitter clients–either desktop or browser-based application– to send your tweets to micro-blogging network–twitter logo.

Of course, you can directly tweet at the Twitter site which everyone of us did it for the first time. I’ve tried at least two Twitter clients but settled down to Twitterfox–an extension of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Twitterfox has changed its name to Echofon. Click here to download Echofon.

Here are the features of the Echofon as detailed in with some screen shots of my browser’s Echofon app:

Echofon-1 Echofon adds a tiny status bar icon that notifies you when your friends post tweets. You can also view updates in a timeline and post your own tweets.

X – click to close  but minimize the app to the status bar of the browser.

juntar (or your name) – click to change twitter account

echofon – click to go to Twitter site

echofon logo (lower bottom) – click to toggle the app

Friends tab – shows the tweet of your friends

Echofon-2 Mentions tab – shows the replies and re-tweets (RT) of your tweets










Echofon-3 Messages Tab – shows private messages sent to you.











Button – click to insert current URL of the opened tab of your browser into the message box. See sample URL in the message box.

Just press ENTER after writing the tweet and Echofon sends your tweet immediately.







Noteable Features:
– Unread count in Firefox status bar.
– One-click access to Twitter window.
– Easily post links to current page in Firefox.
– Instant notification of new Tweets, within Firefox.
– Allows for multiple Twitter accounts
– Handles all the standard Twitter tasks such as direct messages and mentions.
– Syncs unread tweets with your iPhone when you use Echofon Pro for iPhone.
– auto pagination
– Combine sequence tweets

Again, i preferred the Echofon app since it’s light, compact, fast and almost real-time, no-hassle and my tweets will also go to my status message in Facebook.

Lifehacker has listed “Five Best Twitter Clients” as enumerated in the screen shots below. Click the link for the reviews and the images for the individual site of the Twitter clients.






The choice is yours…



Maybe you can try this Twitter-dedicated device. It’s the TwitterPeek from Twitter, Inc. and Peek, Inc. It can only send tweets wirelessly. It cost $99 a unit plus a monthly service fee for the network it connects. In the Philippines, Globe offers P20/day unlimited tweets.


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