A New Battery Pack and a Recycled Portable Hard Drive

Maybe i’m one of the luckiest guy today–why? I’ve got a brand new battery pack for my laptop and a recycled portable hard drive. The catch–it’s all for free. 🙂 Thanks to my brother Rolly who just arrived from China in time for his birthday today–Nov. 2.

batpakThe original battery pack of my lap top has been damaged for few months now. It’s an ASUS Li-Ion Battery Pack A32-F3 (Rating: 11.1v; 4800mAh). During the time it’s not being replaced, i can’t use my laptop without using the AC adapter.

batpak-2The replacement is an exact unit with the same specs. It’s priced 40RMB or about P2,800 here in the Pinas. But still it’s cheap considering the local price here of same battery pack is estimated at about P8,000.

portable hdd-2My first and only portable hard drive is a recycled one from the laptop of my brother Rolly. However, it’s an original and reliable Toshiba HDD with 40G space. My brother upgraded his laptop into a 250G storage.

portable hdd-3The old one taken out from its mount inside his laptop is now being clad in a new casing (Samsung brand) that can be connected to my laptop using a two-prong USB cable. You can also make a portable HDD out of the storage of  your old laptop by housing it in a casing like the one i’ve shown here.


portable hdd-4It’s already partitioned with three existing drives: one for the programs and two drives for the files. I reformatted the drive which was used for the programs to gain more space and deleted some old files in the other two drives.

portable hdd-5I have to scan first the drives for presence of malwares and viruses. There were 106 malwares found in the first drive including Potentially Unwanted Programs, Cookies, and Trojans.



I also reformatted the program drive to erase whatever applications are there since i’m not going to use all of it. While retaining some image and music files in the other two drives.

Portable HDD

So, i have a new place for all my audio archives of my radio shows– Hi-Tech Ta Bai and Kapamilya Negosyo Na. I also intend to put a back-up, in folder packages, all my powerpoint presentations of my lessons in masscom at the University of San Jose Recoletos. Thank God for the blessing today.


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