My Struggle Over Internet Speed

I was shocked reading an item in a news letter stating that “their internet charge of P150/hour is very much affordable with a free cup of coffee“. Huh? P150/hr in an internet cafe? I continue reading the article and it seemed the item is consistent with the figure–P150/hr.

Not contented, i went over the banner and saw the year the publication was published–1996. 🙂 I was reading a very old issue of a newsletter. Anyway, it gives me some sort of info how costly was the internet surfing over 10 years ago.

On Thursday/October 29 was the 40th birthday of the Internet. Here are some facts about the net:

  • University of California, Los Angeles, professor Leonard Kleinrock, headed the team that first linked computers online on October 29,1969.
  • However, it was on September 2, 1969 when two computers of the ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Net) were connected to form a network run by the U.S. military.
  • The first message “LOGIN”(to log into the distant computer) failed. After engineers began typing LOG, the distant computer crashed after getting the “O”. So, the first internet message was “LO”.
  • Email first emerged in 1971 while the first file transfer was done in 1973 within the ARPAnet.
  • The first commercial use of the internet was authorized only in 1988 after it was first used in government and institutional agencies.
  • The team that worked first on the internet never imagined Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.
  • The net is penetrating every aspect of our lives today.
  • Kleinrock: “As a teenager the internet is behaving badly, the dark side has emerged. The question is when it grows into a young adult will it get over this period of misbehaving?”

Over the years, i have struggled getting a better internet speed at home using various means and internet platforms:

  • PLDT VIBE2006 : I’d been connecting to the net via dial-up using a PLDT landline and some prepaid cards from various ISPs. The actual connection speed was a dismal 40-52kbps.


  • motorola L72007 : I connected my PC with a Motorola L7 phone unit as its modem. The connection speed via the GPRS network is a little over the dial-up.




  • SMART BRO CANOPYLater part of 2007 : We’re able to tap SmartBRO (canopy type) in my parent’s house with an average internet speed of 100+kbps (upload) and 300+kbps (download). However, the signal is not so stable.


  • globe broadbnd2008 : Our house in Tabok, changed court by using Globelines’ broadband with an upgraded speed of 1.2Mbps (Plan P1,299/mo.) The average speed is superb: 500kbps+ (upload) 700kbps+ (download). Signal is quiet stable except during system failures.


  • smartbro-globevisibility2008 : I started using 3G modem from Smart PlugIt and Globe Visibility. The signal strength is erratic from no service to only 3 bars in most places. While the internet speed is very unstable, from 0kbps -1.6mbps. It can reached as much as more than 1mbps but it will stay there for 2-5 seconds only on the average.

I wished i could get a wired internet connection at home to stay online steadily everyday. Wish ko lang. 🙂


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