A Retractable USB Optical Mouse–my First Time Experience

My laptop has been with me for more than two years now and it has suffered major crash once in 2008. Although this story is not about my ASUS F3H series laptop, it is worth to note that it has already spent three optical mouse devices.

First to retire was the ASUS-brand mouse which was part of the original package of my laptop. Then, i harbored a JetTech-brand optical mouse from my PC which i bought from FastWin Enterprises. It didn’t last a year in my laptop. The third mouse i used was a Lenovo-brand which is also a part of the Lenovo laptop package of my niece. I had been using it until Tuesday night when it finally ran out of steam. All of the three mouse devices are made in China.

Now, for the first time, i am using a retractable USB optical mouse i bought from multi-media store CD-R King for only P150. Obviously, it’s again from China. It’s a CD-R King TM-8025 Retractable USB Optical Mouse with 3 buttons and 1 wheel.


Other specs:

  • USB interface (hi-speed certified)
  • 800 dpi high precision
  • Compact, ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Button-life up to 1 million clicks
  • Works with Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista


Negative side:

  • Not recommended on glass or mirror surface
  • Initially have trouble working with some of my USB ports (2 ports at the back) while it’s being installed and worked well with the other 2 USB ports on the side.


By the way, it took me several minutes cueing on a line at the CD-R King just to buy this affordable device. There’s no gain if no pain anyway. I’ll give you more reviews of this device as soon as it will happen and will post it here as an update to this article.

By the way, the touch pad of my laptop remains intact because it is seldom used. I find it harder tapping and clicking the touch pad than using a mouse.

UPDATES!!!! (October 26, 2011)

After two years, my retractable mouse has it first maintenance/repair work today. The small retractable cord connecting the mouse and the USB plug had been intermittent since yesterday. I’ve discovered that the cord had an open connection somewhere at the tip near the mouse.

What i did is to cut the portion of the retractable cord that is open and strip again the cable for a new connection.

The small duplex cord of the mouse has four wires...

The retractable cord has enough length with most part of it is being wound in the scroll wheel shown above.

The four small wires in the retractable cord are insulated. It has to be soldered to achieve full contacts.

One thought on “A Retractable USB Optical Mouse–my First Time Experience

  1. I found the retractable mouse is very compact and convenient. It has a cord that retracts to avoid cable tangles. I bought my retractable mouse at goods.ph a year ago and It’s still working. I’m using it for my netbook. Thank you so much for this post!


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