A Dismal Display of Customer Relations in a SuperMarket

I bought a pack of rice at the Super Metro Mandaue on October 10, 2009 along with other grocery items. However, the bagger forgot to include the rice pack in my purchased items after paying it at the teller. I only discovered at around 3pm after my radio show in DYAB1512 that the rice pack wasn’t among the items i brought home. See the receipts below:

grocery right-1grocery receipt-2grocery receipt-3

Was it my fault? Definitely, it wasn’t mine but it’s the fault of the bagger since no one like me and you has time to check whether all the items we’re paying are all in the bag. It’s only logical for any customer to trust the bagger and the teller that all our paid items are there in the shopping bag.

I went back to Super Metro and claimed my left item. I was thinking beforehand to demand for rebates or incentives to compensate my efforts and money in going back to the supermarket. Upon presenting my complaint to the Customer Desk officer, i was turned over to an employee who i suspected is a supervisor for all the baggers. There was no other officer from the store who talked to me. Not even, the Customer Desk officer entertained me or asked questions about it. I was just simply referred to the guy.

Few minutes, the guy went back and handed over to me my rice pack. He apologized everything saying the bagger who failed to include the rice pack in my grocery items is newly-hired. I accepted the apology because the guy looked sincere and i walked out from the store.

It was a dismal display for a supermarket in entertaining such shortcomings of their people. They should have offered to me a rebate or incentive to pacify or comfort me. A caller in one of my radio shows said he was given a gift certificate by a supermarket in Consolacion when his bought item was also left behind in the store to please him. Why  SuperMetro is not doing that.

I’d read several stories abroad that their customers were given gift check due to an error caused by the store upon its customers. This is one way of getting back the loyalty of the customers who were not properly served in one instance. Rebates and customer incentives are not found in The Consumer Act of the Philippines (RA 7394). It’s just a gesture of a company to retain repeat customers. 😦


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