D-I-Y: How to Turn Off Windows Automatic Restart (B.S.O.D.)

Windows is configure by default to restart your PC once it crashes. The infamous Blue-Screen-Of-Death (BSOD) appears after your system crashes for a moment before your PC restart. However, there are important details in the BSOD that everyone ought to know–why your system crashes?

More info about BSOD and windows start-up problem is listed in PCStats’ article–“Beginner’s Guides: Crash Recovery–Dealing with the Blue Screen of Death“.

We can control how windows behave during crashes by setting off the automatic restart and give us time to read the BSOD screen before manually restart our PC. Here’s the procedure:

  • Right click MyComputer
  • Click Properties
  • Click Advanced Tab
  • Click Settings under Startup and Recovery
  • Untick the radio button for Automatically restart under System Failure
  • Click OK

Here’s a screen shot of the procedure:

BSOD setting


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