D-I-Y: How to Increase Virtual Memory?

When your RAM is depleted, windows will temporarily allot memory space from your hard disk. Windows call it virtual memory. You can adjust the space in your hard disk which windows shall allot for virtual memory by adjusting the paging file size. Here’s the way:

  • Right click MyComputer
  • Choose Properties
  • Click Advanced Tab
  • Click Setting unde Performance
  • Click Advanced Tab in the performace options dialogue box
  • Click Change in Virtual Memory
  • Highlight Drive C… adjust Initial Size and Maximum Size…. If your system has below 512mb RAM… don’t adjust, use the default setting. Otherwise, adjust the initial size up to the level of your Physical memory. If your physical RAM is 2gig… set to 2gig as the initial size… Take note the paging file size is in MegaBytes unit.
  • After setting… click ok… and reboot your PC.

Here’s a screen shot of the procedure:

Virtual Memory


3 thoughts on “D-I-Y: How to Increase Virtual Memory?

  1. Great instructions. Virtual memory, actually tricks the computer into thinking that there is much more RAM available than there actually is–since the programs don’t really need all the RAM available at the same time. Thus, we are able to load several programs all at once. For an average reader, the whole trick behind virtual memory is quite complex to understand because the idea is more of an abstract than a spatial reality. Here I found a good post that further explains the concept and gives you tips and tweaks at the same time.


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