Are You a Facebook Addict?


Are you a Facebook addict?

If you spend at least an hour a day in Facebook, then you have a FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder).

Psychologist Dr. Michael Fenichel stated in his site–FAD Online–that users spent more time and energy on Facebook without knowing they exceeded over their regular tasks like waking up, answering phone and checking emails.

Dr. Fenichel’s post is “Facebook Addiction Disorder- A New Challenge?”

FAD can be possibly considered as an internet addiction disorder or internet overuse. There are academic papers theorizing internet addiction and social networking addiction… as well as cellphone addiction…

art.facebook.eye.giYou are a Facebook addict if…

According to Joanna Lipari, a clinical psychologist at the University of California, Los Angeles (interviewed for a CNN report):

1. You lose sleep over Facebook. I only stayed in Facebook for a while but changed tab for other usual internet chores.I don’t exchange Facebook for a good sleep.

2. You spend more than an hour a day on Facebook. My Facebook tab remain open but i usually proceed to other internet chores.

3. You become obsessed with old loves or exes you reconnect with on Facebook. Sorry, i don’t mind them at all. Char 🙂

4. You ignore work in favor of Facebook. This is the reason why many companies blocked social networking sites like Facebook in their offices. I’m not earning in doing Facebook rather i can raise money in my blog.

5. The thought of getting off Facebook leaves you in cold sweat. Will you fell stressed and have anxiety if you can’t do Facebook in a day?I don’t think i am.

However, according to Elizabeth Cohen, Senior CNN Medical Correspondent, Facebook addiction is not yet an actual medical diagnosis.

Facebook’s creator–Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s youngest billionaire. FB has over 300 million users worldwide, half of whom log on to the site every day.

My Facebook account was way back 2006 and had been less opened by me until the social networking site became popular this year in the Philippines. It was my Malaysian classmate in the Asian Center For Journalism who invited me to join Facebook. Seldom i visited my account since there were very few friends in my account from the Philippines. Most of them are Malaysians who are friends of my friend–Suresh (Front right seat in the pic below). Again, Are you a Facebook addict?

ACFJ class 2006

First batch of the Diploma in Radio Journalism at the Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ) coming from various countries in Asia. From right–Suresh Ram from Malaysia, Raymund Villanueva from Philippines, Bruce Avasadanond from Thailand, Father Herbet Canar from Philippines, a classmate from Cambodia, myself, Luisa Tumlos from Philippines, Kenneth from Malaysia, Prof. Kim Kierans from Canada, Odon Byambadorj from Mongolia, Thu Hien from Vietnam, Trang from Vietnam, and Doung from Vietnam.


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