Dot-TK is a Phishing Site???

I am surprised to see my site (blog) in a different look when i browsed it today using It was a different site. See screen shot below:

I’d tried browsing it early today in another PC not connected with the ABS-CBN intra-network and still the site it opened is a sort of a phishing site–full of links to some business sites.

It wasn’t me who registered my site with the but it’s one of Hi-Tech Ta Bai‘s listeners with the good intention of giving us easy access to my site. Registering your domain with will result with a shorter URL. Like mine, from to a mere

I’m still trying to figure out if indeed is a sort of phishing scam where browsing is being lead to another site other than its intended location.

In the meantime, i’m asking you to refrain using the in accessing my site. I’ll keep you posted for more about this.


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