The Science Behind Cooking with Beer

beer cooking-2

I had attended the Cooking Demonstration at the 1521 Penthouse of San Miguel Corporation during the Press Freedom Week celebration on September 26, 2009.

Beer cooking-1

What is unique with the food demo was that the dishes prepared were flavored with San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer. What is in the beer that suits for cooking food? Culinary expert Padie Suico of the Mandaue City’s Enterprise Development Program hinted it is the main ingredient of beer such as wheat, malt, etc made it best for cooking food.

beer cooking-3

Fried tocino flavoured with SMB Pilsen. It’s sweet with a contrast of Beer-taste.

I have scanned the pages in the net for materials that would answer my thirst for info about adding beer in our food. I’ve found “PRINCIPLES OF BEER & FOOD MATCHING” of the Brewers Association site.

It says “The grain-based nature of beer makes it a food in itself, and the huge range of flavors, aromas and textures makes it a perfect match for nearly any kind of food, from a handmade sausage to the most luxurious gourmet dish.

The ingredients of beer are water, barley, malt, hops, and yeast. Water comprises more than 90% of beer. Barley is a basic cereal grain and it’s great for beer. Malted barley mixes its roaster flavor to the beer. Hops balance the sweetness of the malt by adding bittering hops and aroma. Yeast converts sugars in beer into alcohol.

Someone taught me how to cook aftritada with its meat to be tendererized by beer pale pilsen. I’ll tell you later how it taste good and i’ll share here its preparation.

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