Cell Phone Call: Minute Charging or Pulse Rate Charging?

The country’s two big mobile phone operators–Smart Communications and Globe Telecoms– have proposed to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) a flag down rate ranging from P3 to P8 for the first 12 seconds or two pulses of a cellular call.

In their position papers, sister companies Smart Communications and Cure ask the NTC for a flag down rate of P3 to P6 while Globe Telecom’s proposal is  P3 to P8.

Smart and Cure also propose for a rate anywhere from P0.70 to P2.25 for every pulse or 6 seconds after the first 12 seconds while Globe pushes for P0.70 to P1.25 for each succeeding pulse.

The flag down rate is meant to recover the cost of a call set-up by the network.

The new billing system will effect on January 31, 2010 after the telcos asked for its deferment when the NTC order was issued July this year.

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Given its current charging rate, anywhere from effective rate (for promo rates) of P1 per minute to the regular call rates of P6.50 per minute, it would appear that the new billing system using the Pulse Rate scheme is costly.

What if the telcos shall be allowed to collect a P5 flag down rate and P1 for every succeeding pulse? It will result to P13 for a-minute call–more expensive than the current charging of about P6.50 per minute.

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