Amazing FB Toolbar for Firefox

(this post has been updated: see below)

FB tools

Above is the screen shot of my Mozilla Firefox 3.5 browser showing only two rows of the tool bar to minimize space while giving enough room for the page browser. It has only the standard Navigation Toolbar and the Search Box.

However,  i opted FB Toolbar rather than the Yahoo Toolbar in the second row hence the former has more useful features.

FB tools-cu

(FB Toolbar L-R buttons: FB tools, Search Box, Go button, F-Options, F-Applications, TV Channels, Games, News, Sports, Online-Radio Station Player, E-Mail notifier, Locale Temperature, other windows apps: Calculator, Media Player, Word, Excel, Paint, Notepad, Powerpoint Presentation, Windows Registry Editor)

FB Tools: A pull-down menu where there are options for the tool bar including adding essential buttons like windows applications.

Search Box: FB-owned search tool

Go Button: Press and your search shall proceed

F-Options: Facebook Options–from here you can access your Facebook account without first going to

F-Applications: Facebook Applications–from here you can open some of the applications available in your Facebook account.

TV Channels: Clicking this button shall open the various channels from different countries like USA, UK, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, and Italy. In the screen shot above, the screen opens for the Wildlife Channel.

Games: Enables you to play some online games like chess, sudoku, checkers, etc.

News: Clicking this button opens a pull-down display of the latest and breaking news from Fox

Sports: This button shall open BBC sport.

On-line Radio Station Player: Plays instantly and continuously (depending on your internet connection) music from US-based radio stations. A lot of choices for various types of music stations are available here. It’s a music-on-demand player where you can pause the music and adjust the volume.

Email Notifier: Notifies you if you have a new email in your email client like Yahoo. A notification sound every time there’s a new item in your inbox shall be played. You can choose your own notification sound.

Locale Temperature: Displays the current temperature in your locality.

Windows Applications: You can put some buttons of your commonly-used windows applications by going to to FB Tools.

FB Toolbar can be downloaded FREE from Conduit.


Here are the sites where you can easily download the FBtoolbar:

Conduit has announced that the latest Toolbar, as well as new games, application, news alerts, sports updates, weather, and many others are now available for download.

My browser has got a news alert box at the lower right resembling the Google news update. There’s also a crawling message on the toolbar itself announcing the latest from Conduit.


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