Money in Blogging

I’ve been asked many times if there’s money in blogging and if ever it has, how to raise it.

cropped-juntar-with-cbs-members2.jpgThe first time we discussed about blogging was in 2007 when the group of Kevin Ray Chua and the rest of the members of the Cebu Bloggers Society visited “Hi-Tech Ta Bai!” radio show.

CBS confirmed there’s money in blogging if done appropriately with search engine optimization and links with other bloggers.

Professional blogger–Abe Olandres of says he’s making blogging as his main source of income.

He’s accepting multiple ads placements from mobile manufacturers and telecommunication companies.

(UPDATE!!!!) Before going further with money in blogging, here’s a video clip to introduce blogging.

Aside from cash, there are freebies that a blogger can get from his sponsors. In my case, these are what I’ve got in my less than two years in blogging:

  • Licenses of 3 software applications
  1. I made some reviews of the software using its trial version and wrote it on my blog and emailed the software maker about the article. The response was they granted me a lifetime license of the full version of the software.
  2. I used a computer spying software for years now and asked the software manufacturer if they could extend free upgrade to tech-blogger like me. Without hesitation, after I told them I had made referrals to their site, they gave me the upgraded version of the application software.
  3. I used an image-maker trial version but since it has an extra text of the final product… I asked the manufacturer if they could extend me the full version for my review. They granted me a 1-year license.
  • Freebies
    • I tested the 3G modems from Globe Visibility and SmartBRO for my independent review and I got myself the 3G modems.
    • I got a free unit of Sony Ericsson R300 for my review also.
  • Cash Sponsorship
    • Just two months now, my first full-sponsorship is running. I earned cash from it.

NOW!!! The question is how to get those that I’ve mentioned???? First, you have to decide what type of blogger are you?

  • HOBBY BLOGGER– It’s a niche blog. Topics would include from dining to sports and gadgets. Possible sponsors for this blog would come from specialty stores and manufacturers.
  • JOURNAL BLOGGER– It’s all about you. But who’s interested of your life? This is for personalities whose lives are being watched by the public. Sponsors for this type of blog vary depending on the type of person the blogger is.
  • GOOGLE BLOGGER– It’s about ranking in the engine search results. By means of Search Engine Optimization you can make it appear your blog has been loved by many by virtue of the high number of visits to your blog. Although, the visit may only last for few seconds because there’s nothing in your blog the visitor is looking for.
  • VALUE BLOGGER–It may be a niche blog but it is full of information. It can develop followers for its tips, information, etc. Hence, it attracts followers it would also invite sponsors.

Any combination of a value blogger and one of the other types would do good in blogging and perhaps can corner revenues for it. I consider myself a value blogger with the tips and information in my blog.

I am also a hobby blogger being a tech-savvy. I do journal blogging as part of my daily experience being a journalist. With the tips and tools from WordPress,  i’ve learned how to increase traffic to my blog. One of my blog post–“My Cebuano Journalism Experience” is number one in google search. Some of my blog posts are in the top ten of google search results.

I spent a lot of time and patience in my blog and it started to pay off.


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