Prepaid Load–Extended!!!!


Good news for all of us prepaid mobile users. The telcos have finally gave in to the great clamor of the consuming public to extend the shelf life of the prepaid load credits.

This, however, came out upon the prodding of some Senators who grilled the National Telecommunications Commission and the telecommunication companies during the recent hearings of the complaint raised by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Enrile complained of his prepaid load got vanished even if he had not used it. During the hearing, the validity of the prepaid load was also being lamented as being unfair to prepaid users.

The NTC came out an order after consulting the respective telcos of the possibility of extending the shelf life of the prepaid credits.

Here’s the new validity period for prepaid load credits effective 15 days after the publication of the NTC’s memo circular:

• P10 or lower – 3 days
• over P10 to P50 – 15 days
• over P50 to P100 – 30 days
• over P100 to P150 – 45 days
• over P150 to P250 – 60 days
• over P250 to P300 – 75 days
• over P300 – 120 days

Kudos to the Senators!!!!!


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