Asus Ultimate Overclocking Show

Even with the absence of a formal invitation, my journalistic traits just dictated me to appear during the first ever computer overclocking competition in Cebu Saturday afternoon at the SM Entertainment Plaza.

Two groups vied for the title of being the best overclockers–Cebu Extreme Overclockers and the Sugbo Elite Overclockers.

Cebu Extreme Overclockers

The Sugbo Elite Overclockers above had able to increase this computer set-up with an AMD platform from 3.0 gighz clock speed to 4.0 gighz clock speed but the unit crashed during the 3DMark Vantage test.

Sugbo Elite Overclockers

The Cebu Extreme Overclockers were so confident on their tweaks of this computer set-up with an Intel platform raising the clock speed from 2.66gighz to an amazing 4.299gighz.

The two groups were given eight lifelines–meaning they can make several attempts to tweak the unit. After the first round, the two groups interchanged with their units.

As of this writing, no official result hasn’t been  available to this blog site from AsusTek Philippines who organized the show.

Each team is rated according to the following categories:

  • Highest % Overclock
  • Highest CPU Mhz
  • Highest Bclock
  • Highest memory speed (any timing)
  • Highest 3DMark Vantage score in the overclocked system
  • Highest Super PI

AsusTek provides for the equipment used in the competition such as the latest Intel Core i7 board– Rampage II Gene and the OC record-breaking AMD-based motherboard M4A79-T deluxe.

The Asus Rampage II Gene belongs to the Asus’ Republic of Games series.

UPDATE!!! Click here the official results of the Asus Ultimate Overclocking Show.


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