Pacquiao-Hatton Fight’s Pay-Per-Views in Cebu Rake Millions of Pesos

USA Today reported an estimated 2-million buys of the pay-per-view telecast of the Pacquiao-Hatton fight on May 3.

If the estimate is right, it’s worth $100 million with 50% goes to HBO while the remaining share of the pie shall be sliced between the two fighters. Manny Pacquiao is said to get a bigger share–52% under the deal while Hatton shall get the 48% of the fighters’ lion share.


Here in Cebu, my source said Skycable raked about P3 million in Pacquiao-Hatton fight PPV connections from both individual subscribers and paid and free PPV viewing venues.

Skycable is charging as much as P80,000-P100,000 for large PPV paid viewing venues like the Cebu Coliseum, the CICC, and the Mandaue City Sports Complex; P6,000 for barangay gyms that offer free PPV viewing; and P1,500 for home subscribers.

Well, Pacquiao draws not only the criminal off the streets but also brings in money to business. Thanks to Manny.

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