Text Choice of the Day in KNN4

Today’s episode of the USC-Kapamilya, Negosyo Na! Season 4 is highligted by the selection of the best opinion from the listening public.

The Text Choice or Best Caller of the Day is chosen based on how the opinion stirred further discussion of an issue during the program. Here’s the chosen Text Choice of the Day:

April 25, 2009/TEXT CHOICE OF THE DAYxxx-952-2513

“Jun, On-Line Trading wil have longer gestation period, high initial

capitalization period 4 promotion n ads. Needs extensive research 2 determine

extent of primary n secondary market 4 viability appraisal, demand structure 2

sustain viability. Mechanics re payment n delivery had 2 be set up n tested.

Linkages must be with sole distributor 4 higher income keep service cost


For today’s episode, a belt bag from the USC-College of Commerce Alumni Association, Inc. is at stake. More of this giveaway and other items shall be won by our radio listeners.


Today’s episode is graced by four of our business plan proponents who are interviewed on-the-air about their livelihood proposals. They are Lina Caballes (Purchase Order Guarantor), Nenita Brandares (Dalaguete’s Vegetable Pickles), Joel Deza (Native Product and Handmade Salago Paper), and Christopher Sapong (MySugbuShop.com/Sapong Enterprises).

Listen here the podcast of today’s episode.

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