McGruff SAFEGUARD Unguarding 3G-modem PC

My online activities on my laptop at the time it is connected with the internet via the 3G wireless modem are not recorded.

I have observed this for several instances when i checked my online activities at my McGruff account. While the rest of my online activities when i am connected using broadband or DSL lines are all intact at the McGruff site.

My latest online activities which were not recorded was on Sunday morning. I’d checked McGruff later on that day but i only saw my other online activities on that day when i was already using Globelines broadband.


McGruff is a computer-monitoring software that records all online activities designed to protect children from predators. It can record chat messages, emails, visited web pages and can even grab passwords.

Hence, i can already conclude that McGruff is not working when i’m online using 3G wireless modem such as Globe Visibility.

So, i sent the email below to McGruff info department:

Hi… i’ve been using McGruff for a while now…

I have noticed that the online activities on my laptop when connected thru a 3G wireless modem are not recorded. The latest activity was Sunday morning (April 19). The instant messages (yahoo) and other online activities were not recorded by McGruff. It happened several times already when im using a 3G wireless modem in going online. Only the messages/activities when the laptop i’ve monitored is connected via DSL does McGruff is recording the activities. Like what happened last sunday, all activities were all recorded except in the morning…

I hope you could give me a clarification on this…

By the way, i’m a tech-blogger ( I have an article about McGruff ( Monitoring Your Loved Ones’ InterNet Activtivities using McGruff SAFEGUARD) and recommended it to my readers and listeners of my radio shows…


And, i’ve got an immediate response from Marty Schultz of McGruff below:

The current version has a problem with 3G modems (we use the WINPCAP driver to monitor Internet activity and it doesn’t work with 3G).  We have a new release coming out in a few weeks that solves that problem.
Let me know if you want to test it (sooner), or wait till its fully stable.


(WinPcap is a tool used in capturing packets (data) that pass through Windows network  environments.)

That’s it. McGruff as of the moment can’t record your online activities when you’re connected via 3G wireless modem like Globe Visibility and Smart BRO Plug It. However, let’s be patient awaiting for their improved version that would solve the problem.

In the meantime, try the latest FREE version of McGruff and don’t forget to mention my FRIEND CODE (32490) so that the referral shall be credited to my account.

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5 thoughts on “McGruff SAFEGUARD Unguarding 3G-modem PC

  1. Have they come out with the upgrade for this yet?
    Do you know if the McGruff Safegaurd works on an iPod Touch?
    Does the iPod Touch use 3G at all?

    Thanks! I appreciate any help you can provide. My 16 yr. old just got an iPod Touch & we didn’t realize it has FULL internet capability without much in the way of parental controls.



    • TheMcGruff Version 4 is on test run and shall befully operational this month. Thisversion will work with the 3G connection.Current version will only work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server but not on Mac and iPod Touch.iPod Touch is using Wi-Fi….

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