Poll Survey Result: Which mobile phone network are you subscribed?

After two weeks of our Poll SurveyWhich mobile phone network are you subscribed?Globe Handyphone topped among the mobile networks that our poll participants are subscribed with. Sun Cellular surprisingly came in second overtaking Smart despite the latter’s more than 37 million subscribers nationwide.

Only 6% or 4 votes for those who have 2 or more network subscriptions.

I, myself,  maintain a Smart number for my radio listeners while i still have to acquire another Globe number after my cell phone was stolen. My other phone is a PLDT landline plus which is a link to me from home.

smart-buddy Smart : 19%

globe-logo Globe : 27%

sun-cellular-logo Sun Cellular : 24%

talk-text-logoTalk & Text : 9%

tm-logoTouch Mobile : 3%

red-mobile-card-logoRed Mobile : 4%

pldt-landline-plus1 PLDT Landline Plus : 9%

Total votes cast: 70


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