A Blind Man’s Mobile Speaks…

mobile-speak“Mobile Speak” is a screen reader software installed on a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) that enables the user to hear, in speech form, whatever information displayed on the screen. The application greatly helps blind persons. It has also an interface for Braille devices.

Mobile Speak is created and developed by Code Factory.

I’ve been trying to help some blind persons who approached me to install on their mobile phones a screen reader. Finally, i’ve installed a full version of the Mobile Speak into the Nokia 6600 of a blind man–Jojo Mendoza. He’s very happy now he could hear the messages on his mobile phone.

For supported phones, click here.

Call me if you want a Mobile Speak installation on your mobile phone. (pldt portable: 5115223; mobile: 09052282787)

7 thoughts on “A Blind Man’s Mobile Speaks…

  1. What does it take fore me st sale Moble Speaks? I am about to go into business and I would like to be able to have “Moble Service for the Blind.” I am legally blind myself and my wife is totally blind. We are trying to find a way to earn a living. I can get the phones but I do not have a voice system for the blind. Please get back to me soon? Time is of the essence in this matter. You may phone me at (253) 507-9402 Home Phone or (253) 241-3355 Cell Phone.


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