Revisiting “Lake Tabok”…

I had a chance roving around the vicinity of “Lake Tabok” in my beloved barangay–Tabok, Mandaue City this afternoon  on board my mountain bike.

My gosh!!! The water is still there and it’s no longer waist-deep but it’s already more than 5-feet deep. I see people swimming in the deep but dirty water while others are still there going fishing.





Click here for more pictures…

The Department of Public Works and Highways through the office of Sixth District Representative Congresswoman Nerissa Soon-Ruiz has already started constructing the drainage that would serve as the gateway of the stagnant water of “Lake Tabok” to the Butuanon river.

The project saved the private developer of the nearby subdivisions that causes the water to reach such level from spending its own funds in constructing the needed facility from it’s property.

In the meantime… the people of Tabok, Mandaue City is kept on a wait-and-see attitude while the rest are enjoying fishing and swimming the 2-hectare body of water.


4 thoughts on “Revisiting “Lake Tabok”…

  1. Sir Jun,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I hope the developer will do their part when pressured by the residents.
    Will Mayor Jonas Cortes mind a letter coming from an ordinary people asking help regarding this problem? If the developer won’t do their part it’s the only way I can think of that can help.


    • Sir Jun,
      This (lake tabok) bothers me a lot….we’ve been living in the nearby subdivision since 2005 until now (Feb 12, 2011) the water still there…Actually the said lake is at the back of our house, I’m afraid as this might have an effect on the house foundation…Where can we ask help in solving this problem?

      Thank you.


      • I have caused for the penalty imposed on Taft Properties for about P450,000 by DENR when i represented the affected residents at the Office of the Ombudsman for the Visayas. I had caused the former Mayor–Teddy Ouano to personally supervise the easing out of the water from Lake Tabok shortly before the May 2007 elections. I have asked personally Mayor Jonas Cortes upon assumption of office in 2007 to solve the problem.

        Now, i don’t know. Maybe it’s your turn–residents of the village to pressure your developer whose interest prevailed now.


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