Who is better in Mathematics among your family members?

My on-going Poll Survey‘s topic this week–“Who is better in Mathematics among your family members?” has initially got a 5-0 run in favor of boys being better in Math.

One of the agencies attached to the DOST–Trans-International Science and Mathematics Study of the Science and Education Institute cited studies in 1999 and 2003 showing a slight margin (2-4%) with women ahead over men in Mathematics.

The usual belief—men are better than women in Math–is because there are more men who are engineers, pilots, mathematician, etc.

Also, because of how we use our brain… women mostly used their right brain which is responsible for random, intuitive, Holistic synthesizing, subjective, looks of wholes or the EMOTIONAL side of human.

While men are usually left brain which is for the logical/sequential, rational, analytical, objective, looks at parts of man to solve problems.



The National Statistical Coordination Board reported Tuesday that Filipino women are more intelligent than Filipino men.

Consider these data:

WOMEN                        MEN

Life expectancy                       71.6 yrs.                       66.1 yrs.

Functional literacy rates      86.3%                            81.9%

Simple literacy                        94.3%                            92.6%

College courses                         Medical/Allied          Engineering/

Programs                     Technology

Obesity                                       5.7%(46.4M)                3%

Underweight                             14.2%                              10.6%

Vaccinations                             71.3%                              68.4%

Infant mortality                      25/1,000 births          35/1,000 births

Mortality(under-5 yrs)          48/live birth                34/live birth

DSWD clients                             33,480                           47,136

Labor force                                  48.6%                             78.9%

Ave. annual income                 P197,629                      P167,013

Elective positions                       23.2%                            76.8%

Pro-abortion                                 4%                                  33.2%

Legalized divorce                        40.2%                           8.4%

Live-in (no marriage)               10.8%                           33.2%

Pre-marital sex                            15.9%                           31.2


Do women rule now on Earth? There was also an international survey showing more women occupying executive posts in private companies here in the Philippines. My Poll Survey these days is inspired by the data i’ve mentioned here. Please go to our Poll Survey area and cast your vote.


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