Can you give up TEXTING for the lent?

It’s just a week to abstain from it. But do we have the urge to give-up texting for a while during the lenten season as Vatican wants us to do to show more of our faith to Catholicism.

The Philippines has reaffirmed its title as the “Texting/SMS Capital of the World”, according to Acision–a messaging and charging company chosen by over 300 network operators and service providers worldwide.

The Philippines has only 50 million mobile subscriber base but yet we’re sending 1.39 billion text messages a day–the biggest in the world which has around 43 billion text messages sent daily.

Converting the figure at a conservative rate of P1/text, we are spending P1.39 billion pesos a day. Although, the actual amount is lesser considering the free text and unlimited offers by the networks.

But granting everyone is paying for every text sent, then this country would save P9.37 billion pesos in a week. That’s a lot of money to help the poor.

According to Merrill Lynch’s Global Wireless Matrix Report in 2007, we are first in texting but last in voice calls. We’re calling less because we’re texting more.

Where we are first–TEXTING


Where we are last–VOICE CALL


And the top word that we are texting is LOVE… The least is HONEST. Take a look at the chart below.

What we are texting–LOVE–> honest


Again, can you give up texting for the lent?

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