“aryty free load”–Alrighty??? or a Deceptive Marketing Gimmick?

Lately, i’ve been receiving emails from my contacts with a subject title–“Hindi ko sigurado kung nakuha mo ‘to“… The email is so tempting because it promised a FREE LOAD for our mobile phone. The email was sent via aryty.com.ph with mail address– P.O. Box 187  San Mateo, CA 94401.


At first glance when i read the body of the email, i know that it’s just a gimmick. Until this evening, i’ve decided to try following the links provided in the email so that i could share here whatever is my finding.

Clicking the “Get Free Load Now>>” hyperlink in the email… will open a new tab/window for the website of aryty (http://www.aryty.com.ph/index.php?utm_campaign=reminder&utm_medium=email&utm_source=arytyph&utm_content=html1.0), as shown in the screen shot below.


Again, the offer is sooo… tempting especially you are asked to enter your mobile phone number and there’s the logo of Sun Cellular, Globe, and Smart on the images of the screen. As if i’m tempted by the offer,  i proceeded the process by entering my number in the blanks provided. Clicking the “Get Free Load” button will bring you to another page… as shown below.


You’ll be asked to enter your email account and its password. There is the promise they won’t share your password and they will only use your email for inviting your friends. Again, it’s so tempting because at the lower portion of the screen there is again the promise–“Your free e-load will be sent to you (wrongly spelled) phone instantly“. The biggest catch–the logos of the Philippine telcos next to the promise.

Again, you have to click the “Get Free Load” button to proceed to the next page and hopefully and finally you can get your free load 🙂 .


They’re asking us to select all our contacts or opt not to select any. Naturally, you have to select all your contacts because just above the option it is stated there–“Select all your friends to get more load for free.” However, you may be confused of the heading just above the statement– “Get free load from friends“. What does it mean? Click Submit button anyway…


Ooops… aryty is not contented with our email contacts they are also interested with our Friendsters. Again, there is the promise not to store our password in their data server. But, they said they will post a message on our bulletin board to invite our Friendsters to join aryty.

Anyway, click Next to proceed…


To complete their thirst for our identity, they asked us to tell about ourselves… and finally and hopefully this is the final click…


Ohh no… no free load yet. We have to wait for our friends to send some free load because according to aryty“We will ask your friends to send you free load but you can earn your own free load by completing some of these offers.”

Clicking the “Get 1 loads” button beside its offer will linked us to a site. Obviously, aryty is promoting this site. In short, we are led to a marketing gimmick!!!!! Is there a way to stop this? Yes, don’t join aryty if you received similar emails from your contacts.


48 thoughts on ““aryty free load”–Alrighty??? or a Deceptive Marketing Gimmick?

  1. I am having issue now with them for a 500 load. That day it failed due to system, but charged me 13.50 and they said it would be returned to my account. Here it is 7 days later they are running me around with stories. Oh it will refund oh u got the load on globe…IT WAS A SMART SERVICE. NOW JUST JWRKIMG ME AROUND AFYER 5 YEARS I DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM…BEWARE…I DISPUTED AT MY BANK……..



  2. I use ARYTY to recharge friends phones abroad and my USA phone. I actually save money on recharging my USA phone because there is no sales tax or other surcharges when loading with them. app $5 savings


  3. I got many free p30 load from aryty to send to prends in philippines. The problem seem to be that the ones you recruit must sign up to SEND a load, and to do so they must provide a foreign cellfone number to receive a verification code.

    SO, earning free load from aryty requires you to have ofw and foreigner friends in your email adress book.


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