True Love is Unfair and Cruel…

Perhaps you don’t agree with me                   True love is unfair

About true love go on crazy                      It may be cruel

If not insanity.                                     For people whose love is real.

True love is felt                                           It may be cruel upon you

when crisis hits partnership              when it’s ignored and denied

to almost no limit.                             even how serious are you.

True love is unfair                                         True love is cruel

despite infidelity                                       when cheating is carried by

you still feel.                                            your partner.

True love is unfair                                         True love is cruel

when it comes to you late                     when mockery and betrayal

while damage is already built.           prevail.

True love is unfair                                         True love is Godliness.

when you chose to be silent                   It should be treated

dumb and dumber.                             fair and square.


11 thoughts on “True Love is Unfair and Cruel…

  1. Nganong ni enter? Before engaging in this “crazy thing called love” matud pa sa kanta sa Queen, one should consider that there are consequences associated with it. Dili kalikayan nga naay mahitabong betrayal and deception. When that happens it really sucks, but each person has his/her own way of handling the situation. It’s not a end of the world. There are lots of fishes in the ocean. Let go of one and hook up with another. It’s not easy though. Love hurts. Love scars. Love wounds and mars…as the Nazareth song goes… love begins with one hello as Randy Crawford sings it… so keep on loving….that’s is what is true love all about…


  2. balik balik gyud ni nako ug basa .. dili pul-an bisan sakit basahon ,,, ambot ba everytime ko open imo blog sir mao ni ang first nako check mao pud ni ang last.. hahay! PAIT…………….


  3. yah right! sounds FAMILY to me… lol.. you chose to be silent because the feelings still there. but pls.,,, dont stop loving who knows right one comes along…….


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