(contributed)Take the Road…

Daring  to do the unexpected can be scary.

Tempting to think more about what you might lose than what you could earn.

But remember when you view a risk as an opportunity,

there is no limit to what you can do…..                                                                                      


I selected quotes encouraging you to try something new,

to experiment, you don’t to hazard huge things,

even small change can point you towards a new experience…


Read , Understand and remind yourself how invigorating

it can be to take the Road not yet Travelled….

RISK! RISK! ANYTHING ! care more for the opinion of others,

for those voices, do the hardest thing on earth for you.


Act for yourself…Face the truth…“—Katherine Mansfield

Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life“–Bertolt Brecht

The guy who takes a chance ,

who walks the line between the known and unknown,

who is unafraid of failure, will Succeed“–Gordon Parks

“Dare to be yourself”Andre Gide


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