D-I-Y: How to Turn Off the AutoRun and AutoPlay

Oops… i’m late in posting this article which i had promised last Sunday during the “Hi-tech ‘Ta Bai!” radio show in DyAB1512. Anyway, here are the steps to turn off the AUTORUN and AUTOPLAY features for our USB stick drives:

start-screen-shot run-box-screen-shot

Click START, then open(click)        RUN Type gpedit.msc, then click OK


Group Policy window opens, Click Administrative

Template, then System folder. Look for the item

Turn Off Autoplay” and double click it.


Turn off Autoplay Properties” window opens. Select

ENABLED radio button. Select “All drives” in “Turn Off

Autoplay in” section. Press OK.

You’re done! Any USB stick/flash drive that will be inserted into your USB port shall no longer execute AutoPlay. Therefore, virus like downadup/conficker worm won’t execute automatically. However, take note that your optical drive will also not play automatically because you have selected to turn off the “all drives” autoplay feature.

Anyway, you can still open the CD or DVD discs by opening it at the MyComputer folder. However, if you encountered problems starting your CD or DVD you can just turn on once again the autoplay feature for your CD by following same procedure above and revert back to autoplay status.

For USB sticks/flash drives, you can open it at the MyComputer folder and you’ll have the option to scan it first with your anti-virus program before opening it. This way, you can be sure that the USB stick/flash drive doesn’t have any variant of the conficker/downadup.

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