(contributed) DO’s and DON’Ts in Website Designs

Philippines Web Design CompanyWebsites are dominant tools so keeping them efficient and updated are basically necessary so your audience will not look for any other websites that will provide them answers that they need.

Before you start developing your website, consider the following points that will surely help you decide on how to put up your website or even to enhance it if you already have one.


First, the graphics and the text of your website must be appropriate and well-balanced. Because websites need a well organized and balanced design and fonts, it is important to remember that one cannot do away without the other. Websites should be balanced with both so that it will not be bombarded with too much graphics and will not be overflowing with words. Proper placement and highlighting of ideas to stress the more important ideas than the lesser ones will clearly deliver the right message. Moreover, suitable sizes, types, and colors or other effects of font or typography are also to be taken into consideration. Likewise, graphics and animations that you will use in the website should not at all be exaggerating so that your website will easily upload and your customers will not have to wait for a lifetime to see what you have in your website.


Second, your website’s URL must be easily identified by your audience so they will not end up confused as to what is your company’s actual domain name. You may sometimes unmindfully choose a domain name that will suggest double meaning or duplication with other URLs, so careful selection of URLs is important and should be precise to your company’s services and products.


Third, a well-written copy that talks comprehensively about what you can do for your customers will be helpful in obtaining the desired output. When you construct your website copy explain to your customers how they will benefit from your products and services and not about the technicalities.


Finally, aim high and aim big. Make your website customized and optimized for a maximum number of possible visitors who come from the farthest point of the globe because you will never know who actually needs your products and services.

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