Locating Someone via your Cellphone

Our mobile phone is capable of pointing an approximate location of someone we are trying to track using triangulation of cell towers.

Provided, however, that person allows us to track him or her. And, also if our mobile phone network has this service.

Many times i had discussed this in my radio program–“Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!” and i also posted an article here about it.

This service is so important that we can track the location of our loved ones especially our kids.

Smart Communications has its PERSON FINDER SCHEDULER–an enhancement of its previous person finder service–WIS while Globe Handyphone has also  its person finder–MY GLOBE TRACKER.

Let me guide you on WIS by Smart:

  • Register the cellphone of the person you want to track by sending WIS (name of the person you want to track) (cellphone number of the person you are locating) to 386.
  • The cellphone number you are registering will receive a message asking his/her consent to be tracked.
  • Once the registration is completed, you can start locating that person by sending WIS (name of the person you are locating) to 386.

Smart Communications has improved the WIS service (person finder) into PERSON FINDER SCHEDULER. It already includes SAFE TRAVEL SERVICE that tracks the location of a person while traveling every 30-minutes. Click here for more on the improved person finder service of Smart.

Registration to Smart’s Person Finder Service is FREE but the subsequent messages are charged P5 per locate attempt. The same charges applied to Globe’s My Globe Tracker.

The amount is too small as compared to the value of the information you can get from this service.

MY GLOBE TRACKER is accessible via access code number 7000. Type FRIEND if you wish to locate a friend and FAMILY for any member of your family.

If someone in your family is missing or has failed to arrive home on time, you can track his/her location as long as his mobile phone is on.

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10 thoughts on “Locating Someone via your Cellphone

  1. if i want to locate someone does this sent a notification to the one im locating that im locating him/her? waiting for your respond sir. thank u


    • Yes Princess. If it’s the first time you locate him/her, the cellphone owner will be notified that you are tracking him/her. If it will be accepted by the phone owner, the succeeding locate attempts would no longer prompt the phone owner. So, you have to take possession of the phone, if it’s the first time, and accept the locate attempt. (BUT IT’S BAD!) 🙂


  2. hey, this is interesting. my sister just had her phone stolen from someone from the internet who she made a “blind date” (if that’s what it’s called). long story short, the thief still is using the number he gave my sister. can we use the methods you just discussed about tracking cellphone to find that guy?


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