downandup Worm infects 20 million computers

There has been a worm infection all over the computing world these past few weeks. IT experts are scampering to catch the worm as it spreads like crazy in Windows networking system. It can infect the whole office quickly exploiting a separate flaw in a windows network.

The worm–Downandup, Downadup, Kido!, or Conficker— had infected 3.5 million computers on its first four days and spread to more than 9 million computers. Now, it is believed, the figure could reach 15-20 million.

It is believed the worm is delivered by infected USB drives. Once the drive is plugged into your computer, it will modify the “AUTORUN”. Look at the screenshot below of the autorun from F-Secure, there’s a phony entry that actually install the virus on your machine. Users shall be tempted to open the entry hence it is the default selection when autorun attempts to open the drive.


The worm avoids detection, as it keeps on changing its code using randomized elements. The best strategy to avoid Downandup is to turn off the AutoPlay/AutoRun on your computer with Windows XP.

Try scanning your system if you suspect downandup malware sits on your machine. If it can’t be removed by your anti-virus program, F-Secure has a removal tool to get rid of the downandup worm. Also, be sure you can get the latest updates from windows automatic update to patch the network flaw that the downandup worm has exploited. Guard yourself against infection. Good luck. 


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