Be a Good Houseband and Stay Fit & Healthy Without Exercising

Exercise and eating moderately are best to stay fit and healthy. But oftentimes the regiment in following proper diet and constant workout is hard to follow. I was thinking of these practical tips, of course with scientific basis, as an alternative to formal workout:


Don’t use electric floor polisher. Use your feet and a coconut husk. It’s not only cheap, it helps your  thigh to get firmer.


Wash the dishes and remain standing for few minutes.  Proper standing improves self-esteem and  social development. There are medical benefits of standing. Click here to learn more…


Don’t use washing machine. Washing clothes using a basin, especially during the

washing-off of the detergent, requires us to bend our body. You can maximize this by not

bending your  knees as if you’re doing a waist exercise. It helps toning, stretching, and

strengthening your abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, and lower back. The benefits are not limited. It can improve digestion, bowel movements and sexual health. Click here to learn more…


Again, eating is sometimes unstoppable. You can personalize the food you eat by preparing

and cooking the food yourself.


This maybe optional to others. There are dozens of articles saying sex is good for our health. It

relieves stress. It burns calories. It boosts immunity. Etc…. I’ve found this article– “10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex”. Click here to learn more….

See… being a HOUSEBAND is, after all, not bad to our health… lol 🙂


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