Friendster Pages Defaced @ our Globe Broadband Line

Our Friendster pages @ home (Tabok, Mandaue City) via Globe Broadband are defective for two weeks now. Our neighbor also experienced the same. Thus, I am suspecting that it is the Globelines’ system that has a technical glitch.

The FS pages appear defaced as if it is hit by hackers. See the screen shots of FS on my laptop below:



I called the Globelines hotline on Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009 for assistance. The operator has referred the problem to their technical support group after the initial diagnosis had failed.

Last year, when we were still on SmartBRO connection some of the pictures in our Friendster pages didn’t appear. According to Friendster Philippines, when I inquired about it, there were compatability problems with SmartBRO and their photo servers.

In the meantime, I was told by Globelines’ operator to observe within 24 hours if the problem persists and advise me to call again their hotline. Whew!!!!


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