Tech Hypes in 2009

My tech forecasts for 2009 are limited to what we are expecting here in the Philippines. There are other things of same importance which i might not able to include it here.

netbooks NETBOOKS

 More manufacturers shall come out with their own version of a netbook that is small and cheap.  Sony Vaio is said to introduce its own netbook version in January 2009.


google-android ANDROID

 Google’s Android mobile operating software would gain acceptance from more mobile phone  manufacturer’s due to its open source status. Samsung and Sony Ericsson are ready to release its  first  Android phone in 2009.


smarts-just-plug-it 3G WIRELESS WAR

 Expect also a tough competition among Smart, Globe, and Digitel in the 3G wireless service. Smart is said  to  roll out its HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) platform for its SmartBRO 3G wireless with a promise–  7.2Mbps  broadband speed. Digitel’s Sun Cellular 3G wireless service would continue offering cheaper  subscriptions  and would expand its service to other areas outside Metro Manila. Sun’s unlimited 3G                                       wireless @ P999 has made Smart and Globe a ran for their money.

skybroadband BROADBAND SPEED

 With the entry of Skybroadband, a battle of internet speed will spark in 2009 as current ISPs                                                       would not maintain status quo. Skybroadband offers as fast as 12mb to its cable TV subscribers.



 I can’t tell much about Red Mobile–the latest Cellular service company wholly-owned by PLDT.    But  i’m afraid it would be a fallen star just like its predecessor–the U-Mobile had fallen before it  took off.  There has been no warm reception for Red Mobile as it somewhat not able to  convince cellphone  users it is better than the unlimited offer by Sun Cellular. It may suffer the                                                   same fate with its sister–the Addict Mobile.

windows-7 WINDOWS 7

 Microsoft, as it promised, would likely released early in 2009 the Windows 7 operating system.  The  new OS has been fasttrack to calm the Vista users who are ready to discard the latest OS from   Microsoft.


juntariman-blog-screen-shot1 BLOGGING FOR FUN AND FUND

 I am expecting more bloggers to come out its regular posts as blogging has captured the  awareness  of Filipinos. Although, we are more of a blog reader than a writer as the surveys say, a                                             Pinoy blog reader may  turn himself later a blogger himself. Blogging is fun and is being used by                                                 professional bloggers to raise funds.


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