myWorst Tech Gadgets-Services of the Year 2008

smartbro-globevisibility Top on my list for the worst tech-services are the 3G        wireless services of both Smart Communications and Globe Telecoms.

Both SmartBRO 3G wireless (Plug It) and Globe Visibility failed to deliver their “high-speed” internet connection promise. Their 3G signal is seldom to be found anywhere and always fluctuating. Boooo to them!!

red-mobile-card-logo The U-Mobile has fallen just before it can take off. PLDT’s CURE has relaunched and repackaged the former U-Mobile into a niche mobile phone service. It’s now known as the Red Mobile serving the higher class–those who can only afford 3G phone units.

landline_plus_logotagline PLDT’s Landline Plus has been a help to me. I subscribe to the P300-prepaid plan giving me enough room to call and receive any land line calls.

However, PLDT’s Landline Plus is short of giving an outstanding service. Many have experienced difficulty loading the monthly credit and calling to a landline oftentimes are experiencing network connection problems. Or a recorded message tells you that the “service feature you are attempting to use is not available in your phone”.

iphone The iPhone version 2 has shortchanged its customers as far as the 3G connection is concerned. Many have complained of 3G drop calls and unavailability of the 3G signal.

3G signals in Metro Cebu are very limited.

cdr-king-logoMulti-media store CDR-King continued to receive plunking reviews from its customers due to poor customer service at their various retail outlets nationwide. My Mp4 player is now DEAD after CDR-King says it has no available spare part for the defective component on it.

smart-buddy globe-card Smart Buddy and Globe Handy phone continue to top in the  “e-load theft” cases. The National Telecommunications Commission is only up to moderating the cases but seldom we hear both telcos have been penalized. Unless, “e-load theft” is criminalized, this “crime” against the cellphone populace would only come into naught.

For now, i can only think of these unfriendly gadgets-services here in the Philippines. If ever i missed something, i’ll return to this post.


2 thoughts on “myWorst Tech Gadgets-Services of the Year 2008

  1. I couldn’t agree more with the CD-R King part. They make you take a number and wait for *HOURS* before you can be served, and in the end, they don’t even have what you’re looking for. And if they do have it, the price is unbelievable.

    Their stuff are defective, too. I bought an mp3 player there two years ago, and in less than a month, the thing fell apart. As in the case separated, and USB thing fell off. What the hell??? The warranty was no use, and like you said, they had didn’t have spare parts for the fix.

    Maybe CD-R King should just stick to selling CD-Rs, since that’s what the store is called anyway. Why branch out when they suck at it?


  2. Yup, number one is right on the money sir. I bought the Globe visibility and, my goodnes, not worth the money. It was a real waste of money and time. Their signal can hardly be found and if you can find signal, it never stays steady.
    Nice list sir. I love your show. More Power!


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