myTech Gadgets of the Year 2008

iphoneApple’s  iPHONE could be the most influential mobile phone ever invented that leads to the spinning off of same full-touch screen for various brands of cellphones.

The world’s top mobile maker NOKIA has came out for the first time its touch-screen phone while LG Electronics, as always, shakes us with the cheapest full-touch screen phone–LG Cookie @ P11,900 only.


asus-eee-pcAsustek’s eee PC reigns the netbooks and influenced the manafacturing of more portable notebooks at a very affordable price. This leads to the continued higher sales of laptops as compared to desk tops.

Price range: P12,000-P15,000



 Samsung’s i8510 Innov8 is not the first 8-megapixels camera mobile phone. However, according to the reviewers from it’s the best so far under the 8-megapix category. It is full of the usual features, except that it’s not a full-touch screen phone and doesn’t have an AM radio tuner.


Sony Ericsson R300

Sony Ericsson R300


Sony Ericsson’s R300 Radio mobile phone is my best gadget this year. It eliminates us bringing extra gadget–an AM radio monitor. It’s the first mobile phone with an AM tuner built into it. It’s an amazing invention considering the technical difficulty inserting an AM tuner inside a cell phone that is usually “unfriendly” to AM radio monitors.

It has a bluetooth and a basic camera making it more functional.




 Though, i stood firm that CD-R King’s products are not reliable and dependable–i had  this gadget  from this multi-media store operational and functional until this time. It’s the CD-R KING M  Series  Bluetooth, Model : TM-1042 Version 2.0

 It’s a  Generic Bluetooth Radio that is very useful in transferring files to and from your laptop and  other devices. So far, it’s  doing well.






At P2,450, the Motorola W230 is a better option for a cheap working MP3 phone. I’ve been using the phone with my PLDT Landline Plus. My kids are playing its MP3 player and FM radio.




I hope i’m not missing a gadget here… Next, myWorst Tech Gadget-Services of 2008. 


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