Mockery and Betrayal

Mockery and Betrayal

Words that never I’d suffered and tried.

Life is not to be mocked

Trust is not to be betrayed.

But lady you’re playing dangerously

With people strange to you and me.

Six years are not enough

For both of us to trust?

Whispers do i hear

Sweet talks for him you uttered

Travels from my ear into my memory

For it to be always remembered.

Painful could it be

How sadist you are baby?

Mockery as it may be

To my name and dignity

Playful you are

To both our love and stay.

A Czech Poet, once said,

“No great movement designed

to change the world

can bear to be laughed at

or belittled. Mockery is a rust

that corrodes all it touches.”

Betraying is not a game

It’s a sadist thing

For a man like me.

Author Steven Deitz is quoted:

“One should rather die than be betrayed.

There is no deceit in death.

It delivers precisely

what it has promised.

Betrayal, though …

betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope.”

But a man like me

Could stand all the hurdles

Along his way.

Self-death is far away from me.

God is my ultimate soul mate

Who guides and carries me.


One thought on “Mockery and Betrayal

  1. ehem ehem ehem

    wait up ga dugo pa ako elong…

    ahm all i can say is that this poem is so painful i mean i can feel the pain your having cuz ived been to that,,,will i guess all you have to do is forgive and recover…never think of a negative thing for a revnge but be succsfl “succs is the sweetst revnge..” youll see im right…. soon…


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