Job Tabada–more than a journalist

job-newsI had attended the necrological service for the late veteran journalist Job Tabada last Friday at the the Bradford Chapel along Osmena Boulevard.

CDN Publisher Eileen Mangubat was scheduled to speak on behalf of Job’s colleague in the media. But Eileen did not appear when her name was first called. I stood up from my seat. I was alone from the media at that time. I’d approached Jovannie–Job’s eldest son and former colleague in the media.

I told Jovannie his father has a great contribution in the media, especially in the television news. Jovannie asked me then to speak which i accepted thinking Eileen was not coming. However, she came in just as me and Jovannie were talking.

Eileen spoke about her experience with Job while he was one of the editors of the paper. Other speakers before Eileen talked about Job’s visionary qualities. I took queue from it and told the mourners present during the service that i had a chance working with Job wayback in 1987.

Though, working with him was a short stint but it was fruitful and meaningful to my TV news career.

job-tabadaHe was my news director in RPN Channel 9 when i worked for him in the first ever Cebuano newscast– NEWSWATCH Cebuano Edition. This is the greatest feat that i’d told to Jovannie that his father achieved a biggest contribution to the broadcast industry.

Job was the first to introduce a Cebuano TV Newscast in Cebu. I remember him telling me that the “masa” needed a newscast in our dialect. He was indeed a visionary as we witness today almost all TV stations are broadcasting their local TV news program in Cebuano.

More than that Job was my first mentor in the TV news. The knowledge i acquired from him was the beginning of my career in TV news.

We always remember you, Sir Job.

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