Karaokehan sa Merkado Patrol–what a fun!!!

It’s been a month when i started the “Karaokehan” sa Merkado Patrol every Saturday dawn (2am-4am, Phil).

I am glad that it gained participation from our listeners. Even our stickamers from abroad are joining the fun. Mam Shanti from Las Vegas made it two Saturdays already singing the all-time favorite Karen Carpenter’s songs.

The “Karaokehan” sa Merkado Patrol started when i discussed about the videoke and karaoke machines which are prevalent in many public markets.

I talked about the history of it and the local ordinances regulating the operation of such machines in any establishments.

It was my way of adding colors to the discussion when i played several karaoke songs using some midi and karaoke files in my Van Basco karaoke digital player.

To my surprise many had responded when i offered the listeners to join me singing our favorites.

The Van Basco karaoke is so light. You can download the player from here for free. Karaoke and midi files can also be downloaded from various site for free. Midi and karaoke files are so small that even 35 songs i recently downloaded has only a total file size of 1.02mb. You can start searching for midi and karaoke files from the search box of the vanbasco site.

The Van Basco Karaoke player


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