Preventing Creation/Changing of Password for “Limited User” of our PC

Most of us are sharing our PC or Laptops with the rest of our family members.

However, we want to secure them from the “evils” of internet by checking periodically their online and offline activities. Perhaps, one way to do that is to ensure you can access their profile. Although, this is somewhat an intrusion to privacy but it’s somewhat necessary if the other users are our kids.

I had received a query how to prevent the creation of password or at least prevent the changing of the password.

If the other user profiles are yet to create password or it has already some passwords and you don’t want them to change it… here’s the simple way to do it:

1. Right click on “My Computer” and select Manage.
2. In the left pane double click “Local Users and Groups”.
3. Click “Users”.
4. Double Click a user account.
5. Check “User cannot change password”.
6. Click OK and close the “Computer Management” window.

Paki-share sa uban…. Thanks…


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