Once again, i had a sing-along session with one of my radio programs using the great features of the Van Basco Karaoke.

The responses from the listeners (of “Merkado Patrol/2am-4am; Tuesday-Saturday) early morning today have inspired me to stage it every Saturday.

I started the program with a minus-one song from Eric Clapton–“Wonderful Tonight” and after a while the listeners took turns in singing while others have reserved for their favorite songs for next Saturday’s session.

My karaoke and midi files stored in the Van Basco Karaoke player are not complete. I have to download more minus-one files. Van Basco Karaoke is using .kar and .mid files for karaoke and midi files respectively.

I have enjoyed the features of the Van Basco Karaoke and i’m sharing it with my listeners in radio. It’s a FREE software and can be downloaded from its site–

The Van Basco Karaoke player is simple to operate. Aside from the usual play/pause and stop buttons, it can rewind/forward and advance/back your selection of the songs.

Press the buttons below and other interfaces pop up.

The playlist can easily be managed.

You can change KEY, TEMPO, VOLUME of the

karaoke under the control button. You can toggle the karaoke screen display with the karaoke button. The output button will show the different instruments used in a music file and you can turn/off each instrument if you want to hear  a variety of the output sound. There is also a piano button that guides you in keyboarding.

The karaoke screen display is adjustable for your convenience…

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