Kuya JT—the “6th Mad Genuis”



I was talking with Kuya JT during the culmination night of the Press Freedom Week Celebration last Saturday. As usual, our talks usually were serious on things about science and technology.


Again, the Hyperwage Theory didn’t escape on our topics though it’s not related with the main discussion. Kuya JT said that he was named “crazy” by some who opposed to his Hyperwage Theory.


I was reminded by the word “crazy” of the topic I was scheduled to discuss the next day during my radio show—“Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai”. It was the “Five Mad Genuises of the world.


Kuya JT volunteered to be at the 6th place—next to John Nash, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Sir Isaac Newton.


The “Five Mad Geniuses” were all believed suffering from bipolar disorder—a mental illness.


John Forbes Nash Jr.John Nash, a Nobel Prize Mathematician, had experienced hallucinations and delusions including hearing voices of people who weren’t there.


Van Gogh, a painter, cut off part of his own ear, drank turpentine and tried to eat paint before he committed suicide in 1890.


Edgar Allan Poe, a poet who wrote horror and detective stories, had a drinking problem and indicated suicidal tendencies.


Ludwig Van Beethoven, a great composer, also considered suicide. His hair examined from his decomposed body showed signs of high lead content—a possible cause of his mental illness.


Sir Isaac Newton, a great contributor of Physics, suffered psychotic tendencies and mood swings and was often difficult to get along with.


Kuya JT hasn’t indicated any of the tell-tale signs of a mad man. His idea on providing at least P20,000 salary to house maid may be a crazy idea to some but a great leap to the impoverished house helper.


Whatever you call him, definitely he’s not crazy for providing solutions to low-wage workers. God was called crazy in a film while I called a disgruntled government contractor crazier for putting fuel into the fire when he suggested a recall process to end the squabbles among officials of my beloved city.






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