WebcamMax–a useful webcast partner!

I had no idea that there are application programs that can enhance the ways
our web cam brings us to the cyberspace until i stumbled One of the chatters in–a German IT expert suggested to me that i should use superwebcam so that i could play video or image files.

Since then, i have been using superwebcam everytime i go on webcast for my radio show–“Hi-Tech ‘Ta Bai!”. I was satisfied the way superwebcam does for my radio show. It can embed graphics and titles on my screen making it more fun and functional.

Lately, i have also stumbled another program application similar to superwebcam but it has more features and easier interfaces.

It is the WebcamMax version trial version. I am impressed by most of its features. For one, the playlist is displayed directly below the screen display making it easier for the user to select the video files. It’s easy to add and remove video files by using the plus(+) and minus(-) buttons for the add and remove functions respectively. You can also save a playlist and load it later.

Under the “Main Source” panel, you can select the video sources–webcam, screen, movie, picture, color, and clear.

For your webcam, you can digitally zoom in your shot while using screen mode you can show to your viewers anything on your desktop screen. The movie button in main source panel refers to the video files. By using the playlist, you can easily play any video file formats supported by the system. Although, it won’t recognize .mov files while it crashes when i tried playing .flv (flash video) files.

Using the Picture as your source you can add pictures and set the time period for each picture to appear in the screen display automatically. You can have a color background for your pictures while in PinP(picture-in-picture) mode. The picture can be resized and dragged anywhere in the screen with a color background. The Clear button, clears your screen.

The player has a track slider where you can directly select any point in your
file. It has also play/pause, stop, and skip forward/backward buttons. You can set the playback mode in loop so that it will repeat the same file or the entire playlist or no repeat at all.

What is amazing for me is the mute button and the volume control situated
right at the main screen.

Beside the sources button is the effects button where you can select various
choices of special effects. You can set your background picture although i
have had a hard time adjusting my webcam shot to appear on the screen with the background because of poor lighting.

I like the transform effect. It can set your mood while using your webcam with tons of effects that are available in WebcamMax.You can also use the special effects for your video files just like in any professional editing machine.You can add mask, frame, emot icons, and text messages on screen. For text, you can customize the message to fit your needs.

Another button next to effects in the panel is the Doodling where you can make freehand drawing and sketches on screen using art tools. You can undo and redo your works and clear everything on the screen.

You can also take a snap picture using your webcam and it is stored, by default, on the My Pictures folder under MyDocuments. Aside from picture snapping, it is also capable of recording video using your webcam. By default, it is saved to My Videos folder under MyDocuments under AVI format with a screen resolution of 320 x 240. Although, you can change the setting later under the tools menu. The only i surely missed–there’s no monitor for the audio level during the video recording. I hope this will look into by the creator of WebcamMax.

Finally, my version of the WebcamMax has a water mark since it is a trial version. The licensed one is worth about $49 but its worth it hence aside from the watermark is removed, there is no time limitation and it has free update from its site. If you want to experience better and professional look of your webcam and video files on the net download the WebcamMax at


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