How to Troubleshoot your Smart BRO connection

(Note: I have discussed this during our radio program–Hi-tech ‘Ta Bai on August 3, 2008)




1—Ang labing sayon nga paagi pag-troubleshoot sa inyong Smart BRO connection is to use the Smart BRO Quick Fix…


Ang Smart BRO Quick Fix… usa ka utility tool developed by the engineers fo Smart Communications…


Duna nay duha ka versions niini… ang latest—Version 2.1.


SMARTBro Quick Fix


“Check My Connection” (automatically checks SmartBro Connection for problem.)


“Latency Check” (Checks how long data is transferred from your PC to the following points: BTS, backhaul, portal and the net.)


Trace  Route

” (Checks the path taken by the data from the specific location before it reaches your computer.)



“Ping” (Checks if a site is reachable or not. Tests the latency of a specific site or location in the internet.)


“Speed Test” (Checks the speed of your internet connection.)


“Announcements” (Receives updated announcement on the latest offerings and events from Smart BRO so you can maximize your Smart BRO subscription.)


“Feedback” (A fast and easy way to send your comments and suggestions to Smart BRO. Help us improve our service and, most impotantaly, your experience by letting us know what you think.)


“Help” (Learn How to use each feature of Quick Fix. Easily find what you are looking for via a menu categorized into topics.)


QFS – Help File


Check My Internet Connection

It is the same diagnosing procedure done at the start of the program. It will check for possible problems that are disrupting your Internet connection.

Step 1: Check for the following:


  • Both the computer’s and the antenna’s Power Supply has been properly plugged in. 

  • All the cables of the computer and the LAN are firmly connected into their designated slots or ports.  



QuickFix will check for possible errors



Step 2: QuickFix will then check the following for possible errors:






1. LAN Card




Checks if there is anything wrong with the LAN Card.

A LAN Card, a network card, network adapter or NIC (network interface controller) is a piece of computer hardware designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network.




2. IP Check




Checks if there is anything wrong with the IP.

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique address that certain electronic devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP)—in simpler terms, a computer address





3. Antenna




Checks the Client’s Antenna if it is able to get a signal from Smart BRO.




 Antenna also known as “Customer Premise Equipment” or “Subscriber Module” is a device used as a means to transmit/receive wireless signals from the BTS.




4. BTS




Checks the Base Station connection.




Base Station, also known as “Access Point”, serves as the wireless gateway between a wired network (the internet) and the wireless network (BTS-Antenna connection).




5. Backhaul




Checks the Backhaul connection.

On the Internet, the Backhaul is a medium to convey/transfer information/data from a source point to its intended destination point (pt A to pt B).




6. Portal




Checks the Portal connection.

Checks your connection to the Smart Portal. It determines if you are a Smart BRO registered user or not.




7. Internet




Checks the Internet connection.

The Internet is the worldwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol (IP). It is a “network of networks” that consists of millions of smaller domestic, academic, business, and government networks, which together carry various information and services, such as electronic mail, online chat, file transfer, and the interlinked Web pages and other documents of the World Wide Web.




Any error(s) detected will halt the diagnostic process.


QuickFix Diagnostic Process





















Check Mark


Exclamation Mark


Cross Mark


WARNING: Don’t do anything while the diagnostic procedure is running.




<< Previous      








2- Click the local area connection icon in your system tray.

·        Click the “support” tab


·        Click “repair” button


·        Try if your browser has renew its IP address.


·        If yes, try browsing. If NO, proceed to another procedure.



3- Under the “general tab” of the Local area connection status

·        Click properties

·        (new window/local area connection properties) Highlight the internet protocol (TCP/IP) under “this connection uses the following items:”

·        Click “properties” button under the box

·        (another window/IP (TCP/IP) properties) Be sure the “Obtain an IP address automatically” is selected. Also, select the “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.

·        Ckick OK and try browsing or else proceed to next procedure.




4- Ang laing paagi paagi mao ang pag-reset sa imong Smart BRO connection… Unsaon?

·        Pull out your LAN cable from your PC or laptop

·        Pull out the SMART BRO adaptor from your AC outlet

·        Plug again the adaptor and the LAN cable

·        Wait for few seconds or a minute for your Smart BRO connection to renew its connection.

·        Try browsing again.


5- If step 1,2 & 3 won’t work, try this.

·        Delete temporary files and cookies

·        Go to the “tools” menu on your browser

·        Click “internet options”. In “general tab” under “browsing history” click delete…

·        Click “delete files” button under temporary internet files

·        Click “delete cookies” button under cookies.

·        Click ok to exit


6- The ultimate step to troubleshoot your Smart BRO connection is to call the Smart BRO hotline from any smart cellphone @*1888 (adlib—select the “pending application” not the “technical problem”

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