Free Text quotes and MYcomments

Ramon Isberto, Smart public affairs head and spokesman

“….the law states that access or interconnection charges are part of bilateral agreements negotiated by telecommunication companies.”

“….government regulations ordering a cap on interconnection charges run against the mandate of the NTC.”

MYcomment: Well, NTC’s mandate is to regulate the telcos. So, it tries to put up a cap on charges and that’s one way of regulating..

Telco Executive

“…Making text a free service could be abused and would result to the clog up of the network system and eventually make some cell sites down.”

MYcomment: Even now that text messages are charged, networks from now and then, are clogged up and would result to “failed” messages in our cellphone. It is not true that cell sites would collapse or breakdown just in case everyone is texting at the same time. Cell sites limit the number of SMS they have to accommodate at a time. In fact, it limits SMS to 160 characters per sending. Just in case you sent more than 160 characters, cell sites will chunk your messages into pages at no more than 160 characters.


“Whether SMS rates go down or not, total SMS traffic volume will still increase nationwide. It has been like that for the last 10 years. In fact, I think the rates have relatively gone down — what with those all-day text promo and bulk pricing offers.”


MYcomment: So, who cares SMS charges will go down or not? Everyone still texting in one way or the other. Let’s just pray that the government would impose the conditions set by the franchises of the telcos.


4 thoughts on “Free Text quotes and MYcomments

  1. gud am sir,salamat kaayo sa programa ninyo sa hi tech ni bai na makakat-on gyd impormasyon ang mga tao,maski ako maminaw ra sa radio,solid me kapamilya.


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