Computer Shortcuts & Local Cooling


Hi… I’ve just posted on Hi-tech ‘Ta Bai!’s profile page two important “downloadables” —Computer Shortcuts and Local Cooling application.


Shortcuts are very important to shorten some applications which requires at least two clicks of the mouse. For example refreshing the content may take us a right click of the screen and a click of the word “refresh’. You can substitute that with a simple press of the F5 button.


Don’t attempt to memorize the shortcuts but use it and your fingers will do the memorization.


On the other hand, Local Cooling is a free software application design to save energy on our PC or laptop. You can set your power management even by section of your computer using the software.


You can even set your PC or laptop to shutdown or hibernation after a couple of minutes or hours. Local Cooling also tells you which section of your PC eats up more power.


So, download it now. Start here

4 thoughts on “Computer Shortcuts & Local Cooling

  1. I am rey ortega of molave,talisay city 26 I am abide listener to your very informative program. I hope this program will be be find useful to other also


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