I have a recommendation to anyone who have yet to apply for a landline and DSL/Broadband connection bundle and is planning to buy the much-acclaimed ASUS EEE PC…ASUS EEE pc-2


Here’s a best offer so far to get all of those you wanted to acquire–the GLOBELINES’s ASUS EEE PC bundle.


For only P1,495 per month (payment by credit card for 24 months) or P1,620 (payment by cash for 24 months) you can have a landline, a broadband connection and an ASUS EEE PC from Globelines.


The bundle is locked in a 24-month contract which means you have to subscribe to Globelines during the period. Otherwise, you will be asked to pay the cost of the bundle.


There is a substantial savings out of the bundle aside from getting a unit of the popular laptop. Here’s how:

P1,495 X 24 months = P35,880 (total cost in 2 years)

P35,880 – P15,999(EEE PC) = 19,881 (payment for the

                                            landline & broadband

                                            bundle in 2 years)

P19,881 / 995 (cost of Globelines regular landline & broadband bundle) = 19.98 months 

In short… you shall only be paying about 20 months for the landline and broadband connection. If you’re going to pay cash(P1,620/mo.) you shall be paying about 23 months for the landline and broadband connection. Plus, you will have an ASUS EEE PC by installment for 24 months.


Maybe you would wonder why the ASUS EEE PC in the bundle is much cheaper than the P18,999 EEE PC first available in the market. It is because the EEE PC in the bundle is the version that has no built-in webcam and sold at P15,999 (there is a current promo-P13,999 only).ASUS EEE pc


Here’s the specs for the ASUS EEE PC of the Globelines bundle:

Display/Linux Operating System / Icon-based user interface / 512 MB memory / 2GB HDD / Good quality sound / Hi-Definition audio stereo speaker and microphone / 2.8-3.5 hours battery life depending on actual operation and configuration / Weight 0.92 kg


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